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Talex Orange

Humanizing the World of Business

Through Better (Video) Communications

Most video strategies, and corporate communication strategies for that matter, are about the business or creator,

and not about the people who really matter—the community.


The ultimate goal of Legendeering is to transform the way we do business, improve the relationships between

businesses and customers, and create a world where we work together to further shared values. 

At its core, Legendeering revolves around the principle of leading with value, always. Because, all of the most

important relationships we have in our lives—with family, friends, mentors, and colleagues—are built on an

exchange of value without strings attached. I believe that we can create those same kinds of relationships

between our businesses and the communities we seek to serve.

That is the world Legendeering was designed to help you create.

The Book

Video is the single most powerful tool businesses have at their disposal. Period. Yet, many businesses struggle to find success using traditional video-based content production strategies. Why? Because most video strategies are about the business or creator, and not about the people who really matter—the community.

In this groundbreaking book, two-time Emmy Award-nominated Director of Photography and Producer Tom Langan presents a brand-new video communication strategy based in the power of authentic human relationships.


The core principle of Legendeering is “Lead with value, always.” And, in this book, Tom will show you how to do just that. This is marketing the way marketing was always supposed to be done. If you want to stand out from the crowd, build a community of raving supporters around your business, and ultimately become a legend in your field, Legendeering is a must-read.

Questions, Concerns or Curiosity?

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