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Lighting Essentials has put together a great article that explains in great detail all you need to know about lighting to get started creating beautiful imagery.

Editing Software

There are a lot of options for video editing and your goals will dictate which software youchoose. For entry level production I recommend Descript and for those with more experience or looking to up their game I recommend Adobe's Premiere Pro.

Making GIFs 

We all come across GIFs in our daily lives whether its in text messages, on social media or even in our email inboxes. And, with just a little bit of work you can create custom GIFs to compliment your Legendeering video strategy or just to show your friends how silly your cat is late at night. Either way, here is a link to a definitive GIF creation guide on Descript's blog.

Video Format Specifications

As you dig deeper into the world of video, you will find that every platform

has different formatting requirements for the videos you distribute on their platforms. In order to ensure that your videos display and play correctly it's important to deliver to the specifications laid out by the platforms.  Below are links to the formatting specs for some of the most popular platforms.

Questions, Concerns or Curiosity?

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