New Year = New Gear!

Introducing the Sony Fx9

6k Full-Frame Digital Cinema Camera

I'm super excited to let everyone know that I am now the proud owner (one of the first in the US!) of the new full frame Sony Fx9 digital cinema camera!

This camera is a game changer combining the amazing S-Cinetone color science from the flagship Sony Venice camera with dual native ISO low light performance, 15+ stops of dynamic range and the gorgeous look of a full frame sensor.

The Fx9 is going to change the look of mid-range productions reaching for a full-frame look on a super 35 budget. If you're shooting your content on an Fs7 you can jump up to the full-frame look with top of the line color science for half the price of a Sony Venice rental.

Here is a music video from Sony shot entirely on the Fx9 showcasing the imagery from this camera and it's brand new sensor. The detail in the shadows is amazing and the highlight roll off is beautiful!

And, yesterday it was announced that the FX9 has been added to the Netflix Post Technology Alliance list of approved cameras. So, for anyone creating content for Netflix, you now have a full frame workflow solution from Sony that is much more affordable than the Venice and will dovetail effortlessly with your existing Fs7 workflow.

Make your content stand out from the crowd with early access to the camera everyone is dying to shoot with. Email me today for rates and availability:

I can't wait to put this beauty to work creating some fantastic imagery!

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