Why we built it

Our unique solution was born out of a desire to help professionals overcome the challenges they face as work continues to migrate from a traditional office setting to a virtual environment. The adage “don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want” no longer only applies to the clothes you wear, but also to how you present on video.

Now, with Gravit8, you have the opportunity to stand out in every

meeting you attend.

How it works

Gravit8 is a custom hardware and service solution designed to provide professionals at all levels with the ability to best represent themselves and their organizations in a virtual work environment. As work from home continues to grow in popularity it is increasingly important that we appear on camera the way we would want to appear in an office and Gravit8 is deliberately designed and tailor made to fit your business, your brand and your goals.

Packages & Pricing

Gravit8 can be customized to suit anyone’s needs, but it all starts with one of three basic plans. Each plan includes the full equipment package, remote guided setup, build and best practices guidance as well as ongoing support through our monthly subscription. Custom solutions are available on request
(pricing may differ).